Forex Analysis

Current daily trends

AUDJPY, trend intact with AUD fell its teeth out.
AUDUSD, trend intact unfortunately we missed the drop as our stop was activated on the slight pullback would have been a beauty.
CADJPY, trend intact
EURAUD, trend confirmed but based on the huge move
EURJPY, trend is still there only just as there is lots of sideways movement on the 4h chart, stuck in a sideways trade but we are keeping it as is.
EURNZD, trend confirmed seems that NZD followed suite with AUD
GBPAUD, trend intact again beware of AUD
GBPCAD, trend in danger and it just missed our 1.61 Fib target to turn around, luckily we got stopped out in profit as we adjusted our stoploss
GBPNZD, trend intact and we are still in this trade just running short of our fib target on 1.61 level decided to close the trade with a 150 pip profit.
NZDJPY, trend intact
NZDUSD, trend intact hit 1.61 fib target and made about 120 pips
USDCAD, trend intact

Possible signals for today and tomorrow

AUDJPY, technically giving us a signal for today will be finished at 8h00 but I would want to sit and see first.
AUDUSD, also a signal coming due to AUD weakness, but are we too late for this trade?
CADJPY, might see a signal later today
EURAUD, again due to the AUD’s weakness, will have to wait and see
EURNZD, if NZD continues weakness
GBPAUD, again due to the AUD’s weakness
GBPNZD, on NZD weakness
NZDJPY, on NZD weakness
NZDUSD, on NZD weakness

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