Forex Analysis

Currency strength and weakness analysis based on 4h performance

USD and CAD continues to show strength
GBP strengthening again after some losses
CHF and EUR showing some strength but we don’t know for how long
NZD and JPY tending to weakness
AUD showing weakness after a lot of sideways movement

Current daily trends

AUDCAD, trend intact
AUDCHF, trend intact
AUDUSD, trend intact
CADJPY, trend intact
CHFJPY, trend intact
EURAUD, trend intact with lots of volatility on 4h charts
EURJPY, trend intact
EURUSD, trend intact
GBPAUD, trend intact
GBPJPY, trend intact with some indecision at the moment
GBPUSD, trend intact with lots of volatility on 4h charts
NZDUSD, trend intact
USDJPY, trend intact

Possible signals for today and tomorrow

AUDCAD, just a bit worried about the bears enthusiasm looking weak
EURAUD, if EUR continues to strengthen
GBPAUD, on increased GBP strength

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