Daily Forex Analysis


Currency Strength and Weakness Analysis on 4h performance

NZD and AUD is still losing value

EUR, CHF, USD and GBP gaining value

JPY is still losing value at a slow pace.

Current daily currency trends

AUDJPY, trend intact, sideways on 4h chart
AUDNZD, trend intact
EUDUSD, trend intact
CADJPY, trend intact
CHFJPY, trend intact, very bullish
EURJPY, trend intact, also very bullish
GBPCHF, trend intact
GBPJPY, trend intact, very bullish
GBPUSD, trend intact
NZDJPY, trend intact
USDJPY, trend intact, very bullish

Possible signals for today and tomorrow

NZDJPY, if NZD shows strength

Seeing some really fast moving trends not making it easy to get in. One of our rules is no chasing so we can’t just jump in and hope it carries on… Difficult to sit on hands…

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