Daily Forex Analysis


Currency Strength and Weakness Analysis on 4h performance

NZD and AUD pulled back a little during the night but is showing strength again.

CAD, USD, CHF and EUR are all a bit flat although USD tried to show some strength during the night.

GBP is losing ground rapidly and JPY is slowly edging up again.

Current Daily trends

AUDJPY, trend intact
CADJPY, trend intact
CHFJPY, trend intact
EURJPY, trend intact
GBPUSD, trend intact
NZDJPY, trend intact
USDJPY, trend intact

Possible signals for today

AUDJPY, should AUD continue its strength
CADJPY, although there is a lot of volatility on the 4h chart
CHFJPY, as CHF is a bit flat the move will have to be from JPY so be wary
EURJPY, both are a bit flat although EUR is still stronger than JPY
NZDJPY, if NZD continues its strength
USDJPY, if the UDS continues its strength


Best trend is still the NZDJPY. The NZD took a small dip but that is just so that we can take advantage of the opportunity to get into the trend. Only thing is that it is Friday and I don’t like taking new trades before the weekend. Will have to see and decide.

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