Daily Forex Analysis


Currency strength and weakness analysis based on 4h performance

NZD still strengthening

CAD, USD and AUD all hovering in the middle at the moment although AUD seems to want to continue its strength

CHF and EUR is still sideways

JPY is showing some weakness after it really tried to strengthen

Current daily trends

AUDJPY, trend intact
CADJPY, trend intact
CHFJPY, trend intact
EURJPY, trend intact
EURNZD, trend intact based on NZD’s continued strength
EURUSD, trend intact although sideways on 4h due to USD indecision
GBPJPY, trend intact
NZDJPY, trend intact
USDJPY, trend intact

Possible signals for today and tomorrow

AUDJPY, on increased momentum
CADJPY, on increased momentum
CHFJPY, on increased momentum
EURJPY, on increased momentum
GBPJPY, on increased momentum
NZDJPU, on increased momentum
USDJPY, on increased momentum


JPY is still the deciding factor in most of the trends and we will only really see movement if JPY continues to lose value. Currently the best 2 trends are AUDJPY and NZDJPY as AUD and NZD are showing great strength. How long this will last we don’t know, that is why we make use of our trailing stop strategy.

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