Daily Forex Analysis

Currency Strength and Weakness based on 4h performance

USD and GBP two strongest currencies but have been showing weakness the since the early morning.

EUR and CHF is showing significant strength suddenly.

CAD and NZD is faffing around not sure where to go.

AUD has dropped significantly, not sure if this is a new trend.

JPY is still very weak but showing some strength.

Current Daily trends

AUDUSD, trend intact
CADJPY, trend intact
CHFJPY, trend intact
EURGBP, trend intact
EURJPY, trend intact
EURUSD, trend intact
GBPJPY, trend intact
GBPNZD, trend intact
GBPUSD, trend intact although very sideways on 4h
NZDJPY, trend intact
NZDUSD, trend intact
USDCAD, trend intact
USDCHF, trend intact
USDJPY, trend intact

Possible signals for today and tomorrow

CADJPY, only if JPY continues to weaken
CHFJPY, only if JPY continues to weaken
EURJPY, only if JPY continues to weaken
GBPJPY, only if JPY continues to weaken
NZDJPY, only if JPY continues to weaken
USDCAD, should USD resume strength
USDJPY, only if JPY continues to weaken

The weakness of the JPY matched with any currency that is performing continuously stronger will be a winning trade. Just remember with every trade that includes one specific currency you are increasing your risk and exposure. Try to choose the best 2 and do your money management.

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