Daily Forex Analysis


Currency strength and weakness 4h analysis

USD and GBP showing consistent strength although USD has been weakening since early this morning.

AUD and CAD showing some strength this morning after a series of ups and downs.

EUR, CHF and NZD are still the same hovering in the middle not really going in a direction of strength nor weakness.

JPY continues on its weakness

Current daily trends

AUDNZD, trend intact some sideways movement on 4h chart
AUDUSD, trend confirmed but very volatile with a gap that has not yet been filled
CADJPY, trend intact
CHFJPY, trend intact
EURGBP, trend intact with some strength on EUR’s side
EURJPY, trend intact
EURUSD, trend intact
GBPCHF, trend intact
GBPJPY, trend intact
GBPNZD, trend intact with volatility on 4h charts
GBPUSD, trend intact
NZDCAD, trend a bit shaky with volatility on 4h charts
NZDJPY, trend intact
NZDUSD, trend intact
USDCAD, trend intact
USDCHF, trend intact

Possible signals for today or tomorrow

CADJPY, should CAD continue with strength
CHFJPY, should JPY continue with weakness
EURUSD, should USD show some strength
GBPCHF, should GBP continue with strength
GBPJPY, on more JPY weakness
GBPUSD, should USD show strength very sideways on 4h chart
NZDJPY, on more JPY weakness
NZDUSD,  on USD strength
USDCHF, on USD strength
USDJPY, on USD strength

Lovely activity on the markets with some of the currencies showing relative direction resulting in some great trends. Don’t be fooled by this as we all know anything can happen.

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