Daily Forex Analysis

Currency strength and weakness analysis on 4h charts

CAD is showing strength this morning.

AUD turned into weakness late last night.

GBP, CHF and EUR not really going anywhere.

USD suddenly showing strength with NZD suddenly turning for worst.

JPY stable in weakness.

Current daily trends

AUDJPY, trend still intact
CADCHF, trend now confirmed
CADJPY, trend intact perfect trend
CHFJPY, trend intact
EURAUD, trend intact
EURCAD, trend intact
EURUSD, downtrend resuming
GBPJPY, trend confirmed
GBPUSD, downtrend resuming, beware volatility
NZDCAD, downtrend back intact, beware volatility
NZDCHF, downtrend back intact, beware volatility
NZDUSD, downtrend back intact, beware volatility
USDCHF, uptrend back intact, beware volatility
USDJPY, trend intact

And when the clock strike 12h00 all hell broke loose. Some serious volatility came into play last night between 23h00 and 24h00 affecting the AUD, CAD, USD and NZD. And now at just after 8h00 this morning those same currencies are reversing back again. Never a dull moment on the markets, so never assume anything! Let’s wait and see…

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