Daily Forex Analysis


Currency strength and weakness Analysis, measured performance on a 4h basis

CAD and AUD are the 2 strongest currencies at the moment.

USD is trying to strengthen, however it is flat at the moment.

GBP, NZD, CHF, EUR and JPY are all showing weakness.

Current daily trends

CADJPY, trend is not confirmed but seems steady
ERUCHF, trend intact although sideways on 4h chart
EURUSD, downtrend back intact although sideways on 4h chart
NZDCAD, downtrend back intact
NZDUSD, downtrend back intact
USDCHF, uptrend back intact
USDJPY, uptrend back intact

With the USD pushing up again the old trends are back again, don’t just trust the trend and jump in, wait for your signals.

There are no possible signals for today and it is Friday which I prefer not to trade in any case. Enjoy the weekend.

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