Daily Forex Analysis


Currencies showing strength: GBP, USD and JPY on the 4h charts.

Currencies showing weakness: AUD and NZD.

Currencies that are flat performers: CAD, EUR and CHF also going into strength.

Trending currency pairs:

AUDCAD: Continuing its downtrend
AUDCHF: Continues its downtrend
AUDJPY: Downtrend still intact, forming a long wick on the daily chart
AUDNZD: Strong upward trend, NZD is much weaker than AUD, however be careful to match two weak currencies.
AUDUSD: Continues perfect downtrend
EURAUD: Trend going strong, daily price range is very big
EURGBP: A bit of consolidation on the h4 chart
EURNZD: Strong upward trend, long wick on daily and 4h chart is worrying
EURUSD: Strong daily downtrend continues
GBPAUD: Perfect currency pair to trade should they continue in their directions
GBPCAD: Daily trend starting to move sideways
GBPCHF: Daily trend intact although the bulls are still struggling to win ground
GBPNZD: Strong upward trend although it looks like the bulls are losing some strength
GBPUSD: Down trend has resumed
NZDCAD: Seeing increased range in price on the daily chart
NZDCHF: Price dropping due to NZD weakness
NZDUSD: Constant downward trend
NZDJPY: Strong downward trend due to JPY sudden strength
USDCAD: Continuing its upward trend
USDCHF: Steady upward trend due to USD strength
USDJPY: Upward trend continues

Possible trading signals for today:


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