Daily Currency Strength and Weakness analysis

GBP is the strongest currency, showing some weakness after the weekend.
NZD is the 2nd strongest currency, continuing to lose strength.
EUR is the 3rd strongest currency, wanting to turn into some strength.
CHF is the 4th strongest currency, weakening even more.

JPY is the weakest currency, the only currency showing continued strength.
AUD is the 2nd weakest currency, sideways after weakness.
CAD is the 3rd weakest currency, flat on the border between strength and weakness.
USD is the 4th weakest currency, also sideways on the border of strength and weakness.

Ideal currency pairs seem to be:


Traders note: For the past week we have seen only volatility. None of the trends hold any ground making it very difficult to trade. Should you take a chance, be sure to do your money management and keep your stops close…


Happy trading!!

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