Daily Currency Strength and Weakness Analysis

NZD is the strongest currency, continuing its bullish trend.
GBP is the 2nd strongest currency, showing slight weakness.
CAD is the 3rd strongest currency, with sideways movement.
CHF is the 4th strongest currency, flat after significant strength last week.
AUD is the 5th strongest currency and by the looks of it not for long, continuing to lose strength.

JPY is the weakest currency, after falling like a stone it is showing a tiny bit of strength.
EUR is the 2nd weakest currency, sideways after last week’s strength.
USD is the 3rd strongest currency, showing more weakness after the strength end of last week.

Ideal currency pairs seem to be:


Traders note: it is Monday again and with the currency volatility we need to make sure before we take the trades… due to the conservative nature of our trading system we do not see a lot of signals currently. This is because the market trends are not running for long enough and the price ranges of most currency pairs are large making it even more difficult to trade. Hopefully we will see some stability returning to the markets soon.

Happy Trading!!


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