Daily Currency Strength and Weakness Analysis

NZD is the strongest currency, showing some flatness for now.
AUD is the 2nd strongest currency, continuing its loss of strength.
CAD is the 3rd strongest currency, strengthening day by day.
GBP is the 4th strongest currency, looking good with continued strength.

JPY is the weakest currency, falling like rock after it showed so much promise.
EUR is the 2nd weakest currency, showing more strength.
CHF is the 3rd weakest currency, also strengthening some more.
USD is the 4th weakest currency, trying hard to strengthen.

Ideal currency pairs seem to be:

GBPJPY (long) and CADJPY (Long)

Traders note: The volatility in the market at the moment makes it very difficult to follow any trends. The price range on a daily basis is stopping out all the stop orders making it impossible for the smaller trader to hang in there, so it might be time to just sit back and watch the scene play out. Should you have an account of $1000 plus you could still be able to trade with bigger stops. But keep an close eye on the trades!!

Happy Trading!!

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