Daily Currency Strength and Weakness Analysis

AUD is the strongest currency, continuing a show of weakness.
USD is the 2nd strongest currency, weakening even more.
CAD is the 3rd strongest currency, also weakening.

EUR is the weakest currency, edging down into weakness.
GBP is the 2nd weakest currency, showing weakness after a great bullish rally.
CHF is the 3rd weakest currency, wanting to strengthen.
JPY is the 4th weakest currency, pushing into more strength.
NZD is the 5th weakest currency, wanting to cross back over to strength again.

Ideal currency pairs seem to be:

None currently

Traders note: What a ride last week! The markets even gapped!! This is not the norm at all and I think we are going to see some interesting things happen… Thank goodness for my position size and money management, the EURJPY trade went as far south as I have ever seen in one move… Stopped out completely! Just proves the importance of managing your trade in all aspects!!

Happy Trading!!

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