Daily Currency Strength and Weakness analysis

AUD is the strongest currency, edging into strength.
USD is the 2nd strongest currency, still losing ground quickly.
CAD is the 3rd strongest currency, got some new strength yesterday.

JPY is the weakest currency, continuing its downward trend.
CHF is the 2nd weakest currency, still bearish even though a bit sideways.
EUR is the 3rd weakest currency, showing some strength.
GBP is the 4th weakest currency, pushing into strength with vigor.
NZD is the 5th weakest currency, losing more ground.

Ideal currency pairs seem to be:

AUDJPY (Long), AUDNZD (Long) and CADJPY (Long).

Traders note: AUDJPY should be giving a signal today!! So watch this space!! POSITION SIZE!!! And if you have an account less than $1000 rather trade with a volume of 0.01. You can always add to your position when you get another signal. Careful of AUDNZD, it likes to bite… check out the huge candles on the daily chart….

Happy Trading!!

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