Daily currency Strength and Weakness Analysisi

USD is the strongest currency, showed some weakness at the end of last week.
AUD is the 2nd strongest currency, flat this morning after some bearishness.
CAD is the 3rd strongest currency, with a lot of bullish effort.
NZD is the 4th strongest currency, bordering on more weakness after last week’s losses.

GBP is the weakest currency, edging up with strength efforts.
CHF is the 2nd weakest currency, continuing it bearish run.
EUR is the 3rd weakest currency, weakening again after it tried to strengthen last week.
JPY is the 4th weakest currency, strengthening this morning following its significant fall of last week.

Ideal Currency Pairs seem to be:


Traders Note: It is the beginning of a new week and the currencies seem to be a bit confused. Let’s wait and see what happens today to determine what we will trade. AUDCHF is the best match at the moment; however AUD is flat this morning. Anything can happen! So wait for a clear signal and remember your stop and position sizing.

Happy Trading!!                                                                  

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