Daily Currency Strengh and Weakness Analysis

USD is the strongest currency, continuing to show strength.
JPY is the 2nd strongest currency, taking a major dip since yesterday.
NZD is the 3rd strongest currency, showing strength again.
AUD is the 4th strongest currency, adding more strength.
CHF is the 5th strongest currency, continuing its weakening run.

GBP is the weakest currency, edging into strength.
CAD is the 2nd weakest currency, moving down slowly.
EUR is the 3rd weakest currency, sideways after its bearish run.

Ideal Currency Pairs seem to be:

EURUSD (Short), USDCAD (Short), USDCHF (Long) and AUDCAD (Short)

Traders Note: The USD’s continued strength is making it easier to trade especially paired with the weaker currencies. The market is volatile so keep an eye on your trades and remember that the stop and take profit automatic orders are not guaranteed!

Happy Trading!!

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