Daily Currency Strength and Weakness Analysis

USD is the strongest currency, losing a bit of strength.
NZD is the 2nd strongest currency, showing some weakness.
CHF is the 3rd strongest currency, continuing to weaken.
JPY is the 4th strongest currency, strengthening with serious determination.
AUD is the 5th strongest currency, pulling back after its bullish trend.

GBP is the weakest currency, showing some strength.
CAD is the 2nd weakest currency, still gradually losing strength.
EUR is the 3rd weakest currency, falling like a rock made from metal.

Ideal currency pairs seem to be:

EURJPY (Short), CADJPY (Short) and GBPJPY (Short)  

Traders note: As all the matches are with the JPY we need to be careful of overexposure… We should not take more than 2 trades, so pick the two with the strongest signals.

Happy Trading!!


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