Daily Currency Strength and Weakness Analysis

NZD is the strongest currency, continuing its bullish run.
CHF is the 2nd strongest currency, weakening by the day.
EUR is the 3rd strongest currency, eagerly on its way to weakness.
USD is the 4th strongest currency, sideways this morning.
CAD is the 5th strongest currency, a bit flat after its strength.

JPY is the weakest currency, strengthening with vigor.
GBP is the 2nd weakest currency, showing some strength.
AUD is the 3rd weakest currency, sideways after its show of strength.

Ideal Currency Pairs seem to be:

EURNZD (Short), NZDCHF (Long) and GBPNZD (Short)

Traders Note: It seems that the final whistle has blown on the EURJPY and that the trend is changing! The volatility in our currencies is like a sea storm and we are just a mere fishing boat trying to find our way. If you are struggling to make sense of it all, take a moment to reflect… take stock of all your current emotions and look hard at your weaknesses. Trading Forex is not that difficult, it is managing your emotions and our inherent want of more! There are 3 slogans to live by in this game:

  1. Anything Can Happen!!

  2. There Will Always Be Another Trade!!

  3. The Money Is Made In the Waiting And NOT in The Trading!!!!

The key is that you must not be dependent on your profits when you trade Forex, then you will NEVER make money!!! Forex is meant to be that 20% of your account to gamble with, with the potential of making gazillions but also to lose all in one trade. Back to basics!

Happy Trading!

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