Daily Currency Strength and Weakness Analysis

EUR is the strongest currency; however it is now weakening significantly.
CHF is the 2nd strongest currency, steadily edging up.
NZD is the 3rd strongest currency, losing strength.
USD is the 4th strongest currency, still a bit flat but improving.

JPY is the weakest currency, showing great strength the last couple of days.
GBP is the 2nd weakest currency, getting stronger as she goes.
CAD is the 3rd weakest currency, still sideways losing strength slowly.
AUD is the 4th weakest currency, bouncing on the line between strength and weakness.

Ideal currency pairs seems to be:


Traders note: The currencies seem to be changing their usual trends and making it difficult to match them, will have to wait till the trends settle again before we can trade them. So take a break today and letÂ’s see what happens tomorrow.


Happy Trading


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