Daily Currency Strength and Weakness Analysis

NZD is the strongest currency, flattening a bit during the night.
AUD is the 2nd strongest currency, continuing to rise strongly.
EUR is the 3rd strongest currency, turning sharply late afternoon yesterday into strength.
CAD is the 4th strongest currency, edging up.
CHF is the 5th strongest currency, also turned unexpectedly into strength yesterday.
GBP is the 6th strongest currency, bullish again after it lost some ground this week.
USD is the 7th strongest currency, weakening again after its attempt to strengthen.

JPY is the weakest currency, strongly weakening again after it tried to strengthen this week.

Ideal currency pairs seems to be:

NZDJPY (Long), AUDJPY (Long), EURJPY (Long), CADJPY (Long), CHFJPY (Long)
GBPJPY (Long), USDNZD (Short), AUDUSD (Long), EURUSD (Long)

Traders Note: Yesterday afternoon was a prime example of our believe as traders; ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN! This is the biggest reason why we spend so much time on money management and risk profiling. I was looking at the market when the sudden change happened and could take great advantage of the opportunities… However, I sat up till late last night watching and managing my trades resulting in over $200 profit. I am still in some of the trades, although I have closed partially on all. Pocketing profit and leaving small positions to run.

Exciting trading!!!


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