Daily Currency Strength and Weakness Analysis

The strongest currency is EUR, sideways after a bearish run for the last 2 weeks.
CHF is the 2nd strongest currency, following EUR’s lead but showing more weakness.
NZD is the 3rd strongest currency, pushing into strength.
CAD is the 4th strongest currency, losing ground into weakness.
GBP is the 5th strongest currency, edging up after the last weeks weakness.
USD is the 6th strongest currency, falling strongly to weakness.
AUD is the 7th strongest currency, weakening after a bullish push.

JPY is the weakest currency, now trying hard again to gain some strength.

Ideal currency pairs seems to be:

NZDCAD (Long), USDNZD (Short), GBPUSD (Long), AUDNZD (Short)

Traders Note: WARNING!!! All the strength currencies have changed position in the last 2 days, these changes might be very sort lived so be very careful should you trade the suggested pairs as anything can happen between today and tomorrow! Especially the pair AUDNZD, the NZD has a tendency to follow the AUD and vice versa so the trend can change rapidly. Ideally we want to match currency on the opposite side of strength and weakness but as you can see 7 of the 8 main currencies are in strength even if they are weakening…. Making our job to match strong and weak almost impossible. Keep your wits; the market seems to have carried over its confusion from last year.

Happy Trading! 

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