Daily Currency Strength and Weakness Analysis

AUD is the strongest currency and it is a bit flat today.
USD is the 2nd strongest currency still edging down.
NZD is the 3rd strongest currency and slightly positive.

JPY is the weakest currency and still trying to edge upward.
EUR is the 2nd weakest currency and after a negative day yesterday it is edging up slowly.
CHF is the 3rd weakest currency and like EUR it is slightly positive after yesterday’s negative movement.
GBP is the 4th weakest currency and is edging down again after yesterday’s gains.
CAD is the 5th weakest currency and on the edge between strength and weakness, it looks like it wants to continue its bullish trend.

Ideal currency pairs looks like:


AUDUSD (Long), GBPAUD (Short) and GBPNZD (Short)

Traders Note: Due to the sudden strength of EUR and CHF you need to keep an eye on your trades with those currencies in as the momentum of those trades have probably decreased. This is the time to decide if you want to take profit or cut your losses as anything can happen from here.


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