Daily Currency Strength and Weakness Analysis

AUD is the strongest currency but it seems to be running out of steam suddenly.
USD is the 2nd strongest currency and strengthening nicely.
NZD is the 3rd strongest currency also losing ground very fast.

EUR is the weakest currency but it looks like it is getting new life running up the page.
JPY is the 2nd weakest currency falling sharply.
CAD and CHF fall together in 3rd weakest place, both strengthening.
GBP is the 4th weakest and seems to be trying to edge up back into strength.


Ideal currency pairs seem to be:


USDNZD (Long), USDJPY (Long), GBPJPY (Long) and JPYCHF (Short)


Traders Note: Some nice opportunities presenting itself but we are seeing that the strength and weakness positions of the currencies are very volatile and only last a week or two. So no long-term trends to ride these days, only short one or two day trades. Keep an eye on your trades and take profit when it comes as it disappears into a loss before you know it…


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