Daily Currency Strength and Weakness Analysis

AUD is the strongest currency but it seems to be slowing down today, a bit flat.
NZD is the 2nd strongest but continuing to fall to weakness.
USD is the 3rd strongest and strengthening after losing some ground the last couple of days.
GBP is now the 4th strongest currency, edging up slowly.

JPY is the weakest currency but very robust since the 2nd.
EUR is the 2nd weakest and still falling.
CAD is the 3rd weakest and edging a bit up.
CHF is the 4th weakest and moving sideways.


Ideal currency pairs for today seems to be:

EURAUD (Short), AUDCHF (Long), AUDNZD (Long), EURUSD (Short) and


Traders note: Everything is under tremendous pressure and we are receiving a lot of warnings to sit tight!! The only two pairs that are constant so far are the EURAUD and AUDCHF. The tension is felt everywhere so take care when you trade to watch your stops closely.

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