Daily Currency Strength and Weakness Analysis

AUD still booming up the page as it strengthens away from the rest.
NZD is the 2nd strongest currency and only slightly up this morning.
USD is 3rd strongest but still falling, probably awaiting its new head of state announcement.

JPY weakest currency and after a bit of a bull run it is flat this morning.
CAD is the 2nd weakest currency but steadily improving.
EUR is the 3rd weakest currency and it seems its bearish run is taking a break as it is flat this morning.
CHF is the 4th weakest currency and as always the same as the EUR it is also flat after its bearish run.
GBP is now the 5th weakest currency again as it edged down into the weak corner; it is currently a bit flat.

The ideal currency pairs for today seem to be:

AUDUSD (Long), EURAUD (Short), AUDCHF (Long) NZDUSD (Long),
EURNZD (Short), AUDJPY (Long) and the NZDCHF (Long)

Traders Note: EUR is waiting for the Parliamentary vote in Greece and USD the US election. These are major events that might have a great impact on these currencies and any pair with them in. ps… CHF follows EUR like a parrot…if you are in any trades watch them closely and if you take new positions be aware of 15h00 SA time when the US opens.

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