Daily Currency Strength and Weakness Analysis

AUD is currently the best currency but moving sideways now after its strong boost.
CHF is the 2nd strongest currency also sideways this morning after it lost a lot of ground the last week.
EUR is the 3rd strongest currency following in CHF’s footprints this morning as sideways.
USD is 4th strongest, a bit of strengthening seen but also relatively sideways.
NZD is 5th strongest and it looks like it is losing ground after its rally last week.
GBP is the 5th strongest and it looks like it is taking a nosedive on its way back into weakness.

CAD is the weakest currency with a bit of sideways movement this morning.
JPY is the 2nd weakest and strengthening after its loosing run last week.

At this early stage of the week it seems that there are no ideal currency pairs, it is almost as if the market is in a time of uncertainty.

Traders note, I am going to wait for the trends to show before I do anything today. So we might only see some opportunities tomorrow or maybe later today.

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