Weekly JSE Sector Analyis and top perfroming Shares

According to the RT sector analysis method the following sectors outperformed the top 40 shares index, Alsi, last week:

Please note this is not advice for any investor to follow our trades, these trades are merely for educational purposes and you need to educate yourself to determine any entry signals. RealTrader uses a unique analysis process to determine possible entries on the top performing shares:

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JSE-Bank: Fell out of top performers but we still keep our shares there.
Firstrand (down 73 cents)
JSE- BEVR:  Beverages Index
SAB (up 307 cents)
JSE-CHES: Fell out of top performers but we still keep our shares there.
Omnia (up 498 cents)
JSE-EQII: Equity Investment Instruments Index
Rand Merchant Bank Holdings (up 253 cents)
JSE-FOOR: Food & Drug Retailers Index
Clicks (up 40 cents) and Shoprite (up 1318 cents)
JSE-FOOD: Food producers Index
AVI (down 184 cents)
JSE-FORE: Forestry
Mondi (up 965 cents)
JSE-GENI: General Industrials Index
Bidvest (up 1 cent) and Invicta (down 144 cents)
JSE-GERE: General Retailers Index
Mr Price(up 46 cents) and Woolworths(up 631 cents)
JSE-HEES: Health Care Equipment & Services Index
Aspen (up 792 cents) and Life Health (down 61 cents)
JSE-HOUS: Household goods
Richemont (up 818 cents)
JSE-INDT: Industrial Transportation Index
Imperial (down 739 cents) and Super Group (down 64 cents)
JSE-LIFE: Life Insurance Index
Discovery (down 103 cents) and Old Mutual (up 154 cents)
JSE-MEDI: Media Index
Naspers (up 5517 cents)
JSE-REAL: Real Estate Index
Resilient (down 253 cents) and New Europe Property Investments (up 196 cents)
JSE-TECH: Technology Index
Pinnacle (down 39  cents) and EOH (up 226 cents)
JSE-TELE: Telecommunications Index
MTN (down 600 cents) and Vodacom (down 431 cents)
JSE-TRAV: Travel and Leisure
City Lodge (up 164 cents) and Famous Brands (up 108 cents)

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