RealTrader was born due to the current need in our society for a trust worthy and reliable Stock Market training company. We make a difference in the lives of ordinary people especially those who seek a better way of living. We believe in assisting the new comer till he or she is successful, a trader whom is able to sustain himself even when he incurs losses and keep hold of himself when he makes big profits as well.

Our program

  • We evaluated all the different training programs, seminars and workshops available in South Africa and after due consideration came to the conclusion that a training program starting with 1 to 2 sessions introducing the student to the basics and then continuing on a regular basis with training growing in knowledge while trading is the best to meet the need to produce successful traders.
  • Also the suggested ULTIMATE LIFETIME FOREX MENTORSHIP PROGRAM available coincides with our vision of forming a long lasting relationship with the trainees to ensure they meet their goal and their targets and make money consistently.

Why become a student at RealTrader

  • The training program we offer is specifically learner friendly as the markets can seem to be a complicated subject to study.
  • We strive to relay the information as relevant as possible so that any student with even the least reference to the stock market can understand the complexity and protect themselves with what we call trading insurance.
  • We focus on the relevant information, breaking it down in easily processable modules over a longer period of time in the mentorship program.


  • With the RealTrader Training programs, you will have an in-depth understanding of how the markets work.
  • You will know how to make use of the bullish and bearish trends in the markets by trading Derivative Instruments.
  • You will also know how to protect your capital with money and risk management.
  • You will be able to maintain a consistent trading system due to the understanding of the psychological turbulence trading can cause and how to deal with it.


Our Commitment

  • In short, RealTrader is dedicated to provide the best practical and theoretical training to help develop the success of the investor or trader to a level where they can choose to become Professional Traders.



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