+ How can I make sure that I do not lose money?

+ What is the best time to trade? Is it always safe to trade?

+ Is there a guarantee to make money?

+ Can I rely on trading to create wealth?

+ How much can I start with?

+ I have been trading for a while now but I am not making money, can the training programme help me to make money?

+ How can I deal with my fear to lose money?

+ There are many charges involved e.g. brokerage fees, administration fees etc. how do I make sure that these charges do not eat on my profit?

+ How quick can I learn to trade?

+ What type of support and encouragement do you give in case of loss or discouragement due to slow learning or a mistake?

+ What’s in the name

+ How long has RealTrader been standing as a business

+ Why should I become a student at RealTrader

+ How does Real Trader differ from other education companies

+ What does RealTrader offer

+ How does RealTrader guarantee its system

+ What is RealTrader target market

+ How will I benefit from RealTrader training programs

+ How long are the programs

+ What are the entry requirements for the training programme

+ What are features that these programs offer

+ How effective is the training programme

+ After the programme can I quit my job and live on trading

+ Is there an after training support programme

+ Will I be able to teach other people how to trade eg. my children

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