Why Forex?                                      

Forex Trading is currently regarded as the biggest money generator all over the world and South Africans have been looking to start tapping into this wealth. The reality is that Forex Trading is the riskiest form of trading althought highly lucrative. The truth is that because of the maturity of the international markets the platforms are so advanced and the cost can be minimized to such a small amount that it may fool retail traders into thinking that it is less risky.

Forex is a viable possibility of generating money, but due to the high risk it should be taken very seriously and only a small percentage of your portfolio should be invested here. You need to understand what you are dealing with and how to protect your capital by developing your skill first and practicing on a demo account. 

How much time do I need

  • The most common misconception of the Forex markets is that you need to sit in front of your computer day and night to be able to make profits.
  • With a simple end of day strategy you only have to look at your trading every morning for just over 10 minutes managing your trades and looking for possible new entry signals.
  • For the working person this is perfect.
  • With your trading plan in place you can sleep without worrying about the markets, only looking at them before you go to work.

Starting Capital

  • We suggest that you begin trading with an account of $500, this will make it easier to manage your risk better.
  • Our international trading program is created specifically to expose you to all the different international instruments available but we focus on becoming successful in Forex.
  • Making sure you understand all the aspects a successful trader needs to maintain his strategy and sustain his profits.
  • Success is the consistent reaching of first the small goals and then growing into the big goals with confidence.



Our Training Includes                 Cost R7 500

Content Details

  • Trader / Investor
  • Method management
  • Money management
  • Risk Capital
  • Stop loss
  • Trailing stop loss
  • Hit rate
  • Risk to reward
  • Position sizing
  • Tick values
  • Currencies
  • Currency pairs
  • Strength analysis
  • Mind managment
  • Moving average (level 2)
  • Candles
  • Fibonacci Targets (level 2)
  • Partial Exits (level 2)
  • Daily trade setups
  • Different ways to set targets
  • Trade setups and examples
  • Currency and Pair Strenght analysis.
  • Trade management from entry to exit.
  • Candle analysis
  • Momentum analysis
  • Trend analysis

Money Management

  • What type of trader are you? Short, medium or long?
  • What size will your initial account size be?
  • Risk Management 1 - 4%
  • Calculating position sizing.
  • Determine your stop.
  • Placing the order.
  • Managing the trade.
  • Market Psychology
  • Individual Psychology
  • Risk Management

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