Training Program for South African CFD's


Why South African Markets

The South African Financial market is a growing market and our economy is proving itself more and more viable to the investor every year. We as investors seek to grow our capital for different reasons, from the yearning to be rich and making money to the reality that we are aging daily and need to provide for our retirement. Why is our current income not enough to provide for these dreams? How do we create true and long lasting wealth?

Personal Inflation

  • To estimate what your personal inflation is, make note of  your monthly food, utility and fuel bill, and what your school fees were last year this time relating to your current monthly bills.
  • Shockingly you end up with between 20% and 30% rise in your personal cost of living.
  • With what value has your monthly income increased in this past year?
  • Unfortunately the reality is that our income cant keep up with our personal inflation.
  • This leaves us with a feeling of disappointment and even resentment as our needs just cant be met.

Trading and Investment Program

  • The only way anyone can make a difference in this unfortunate cycle is to get educated financially.
  • Understand how money works and apply this knowledge to a sound investment vehicle.
  • You need to beat your personal inflation with the return of your investments.
  • If your inflation is 25% you need to make at least 35% return on your investment.

Johannesburg Securities Exchange

  • One of the investment vehicles we specialise in is the Stock Market.
  • The JSE has given a return of at least 40%. Note that this is already more than your inflation.
  • We will assist you in understanding the Stock Market and access the wealth generated year on year.

Stock Market Training Program

  • To develop the skill to take advantage of the profits on offering you need to commit to yourself.
  • Gain as much knowledge possible.
  • RealTraders Local Trading and Investing  Programme is constructed in a easy to understand, novice orientated process.
  • Taking you from wondering to knowing.


Our Training Program:                           Cost R7500

Psychology of Trading

  • Why so many people cant become successful in trading?
  • What is your relationship with money?
  • Overcome the obstacles keeping you away from making money.
  • Adapt your entries to accommodate the way your mind works.

Money Management and Strategy Building

  • Risk Management
  • Sector Analysis
  • Share analysis
  • Zone System Trading
  • One system for trending and rangebound markets
  • Trade management from entry to exit
  • Different time frames
  • Examples
  • What type of trader are you?
  • What size will your initial account size be? For Local markets a minimum of R20 000.
  • Risk Management 1 to 2%
  • Calculating position sizing
  • Determine your stop
  • Placing the order
  • Managing the trade
  • Step 1: Determine what to trade. Weekly Filter
  • Step 2: Entry Rules according to your entry strategy
  • Step 3: Exit Rules according to your stop strategy
  • Step 4: Trading rules according to your management strategy
  • Step 5: Building/Adding your position.

Content Details

  • Trader / Investor
  • Method management
  • Money management
  • Risk Capital
  • Stop loss
  • Hit rate
  • Risk to reward
  • Position sizing
  • Exposure
  • Mind managment
  • World Sentiment
  • Sector Sentiment
  • Individual Share strength
  • Long and short term Relative Strength
  • Range moving averages
  • Williams AD
  • Momentum analysis
  • Zone analysis
  • Fibonacci Targets
  • Partial Exits
  • Rangbound trades
  • System trading
  • Daily and weeky trade setups
  • Trade setups and examples



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