Three years ago I had to resign from my well paying job in a Government Agency in South Africa as my husband was posted to Malaysia as a South African High Commissioner there. For the first time in 26 years of being employed, I had to wake up and do nothing. What really bothered me was that all of a sudden I had to ask my husband to give me money for everything I need. I yearned for my Financial independence and freedom. Unfortunately, as an Ambassador’s wife, I am not allowed to look for a job in this foreign country. Day by day I was getting bored and more frustrated.

When I visited South Africa, I met a friend who had completed RealTrader’s Forex Trading Training with Chrizette Rossouw. She recommended to me that I should contact Chrizette and see if she can train me on line while in Malaysia. In her own words my friend said “With Forex Trading you can make money, bankable money” she said with a spark in her eyes. After that I kept thinking about it over and over again.

 When I went back to Malaysia after my holiday, I contacted Chrizette by email and introduced myself and told her that I am not in South Africa. She replied very promptly and arranged that we meet on skype. During our skype meeting I was impressed by the level of maturity and humility in her. She then explained how the training would go as we are far apart. She had to conduct my training on line and arrange our sessions during the times convenient to both of us as Malaysia is 6 hours ahead of South Africa.

The training program was divided into five training sessions of two hours each. My anxiety about the training was that it was to be conducted on line using my laptop. I felt a bit worried because I am not so computer literate. I soon discovered that there was no need to be anxious as Chrizette made it a point that she takes me step by step on every topic and practical work I had to do as part of my learning. First, we had to go through the common / general terminology and concepts one has to understand in the world of Finance and Forex Trading and this formed part of theoretical background to my Forex Trading Training. Later, I had to do some practical work which would empower me to do the trading. During all these sessions it was amazing how Chrizette would speak to me as if she was just next door while she was miles and miles away.

Chrizette was very patient with me. Sometimes a session that was scheduled to take two hours would take longer as she wanted to make sure that I understand. After each and every session she encouraged me to send her any question I might have by email or via skype which I found very useful.

By the time the training finished, I was feeling very confident and excited about the knowledge I have acquired. I could not wait to trade. What is even more comforting is that even now long after training, Chrizette is still there to support me.

Now, I have learned to trade using the major currencies of the world. I know how and when to enter the market and trade whether to buy or sell. I also know when the market is not good in which case I have to wait, study the trends and enter the market when the indicator gives a signal.

People should not be afraid to venture into this territory of Forex trading. It’s doable. Just listen to your coach and follow the rules of the game!

Nokfika Mseleku

It all started when I attended the Global Success Summit in March, 2013 where I was so inspired by Greg Secker’s work which resulted in a Google search on Forex trading that led me to Chrizette from RealTrader.

Prior to making contact with Chrizette, I knew very little about the Forex market but I was so fortunate to be guided by someone who is clearly very knowledgeable and passionate on the subject and very professional in her approach. The course offered has been very insightful and extremely thorough in a way that it not only teaches you the Forex market, but shows you how to trade with discipline and knowledge to make good trades, every time you trade. With a lot of patience & commitment, you have ensured that I understood what Forex trading is all about & that I am competent enough before I start trading. The pace, content and execution of this course is superb and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about Forex trading.

I’m looking forward to applying your concepts & strategies and to become a successful Forex trader. I’m glad I came across your website, nothing is ever too much trouble for you and you are always available to provide support when needed.  

Thank you Chrizette for putting together such a great course! Your generous spirit, passion and commitment for Forex trading is an inspiration to all.

Keep up the great work!!!!!

Njabu Simelane

Until a few years ago I was a Broker, I was a full time into IT. With the changing economic climate I decided it was a good time to leave and find other skills to hone. I've been looking at a lot of different possibilities over the last four years or so, and stumbled upon trading about eight months ago.

I'm trading Monday to Friday, mostly early mornings. I find that works very well here, because of the time difference between the UK and South Africa. I found RealTreader through a friend of mine, who recommended I go on the course and find out what it's all about, which I did. We were trained by a wonderful coach at RealTrader, Chrizette Rossouw, who'd come out from more than a decade of trading knowledge. She was inspiring, absolutely passionate about what she does. I decided that trading was too exciting to ignore.

I attended the course in the middle of October; I've been trading since then for about four months now. It's still new and I'm getting to know the software, but I have got my feet wet.

My best trade to date has been an Income Generator, traded long on the Swissie, which happened last week. I printed out the screen and stuck it up on the wall. The best part for me, getting to know the RealTrader organisation, has been the support. In addition there's the research, the depth of the organisation, the way the material is presented that's accessible. And if you have a problem there's always someone who can help you. The sense that there's always someone you can ask if you're feeling isolated or stuck, there's always an answer.

I am hoping to achieve financial independence. I love working independently of anyone else. On my own, setting my own framework for my success and sharing with others. And through that achieving my own financial independence

Portia Mokoena

We would like to take this opportunity to thank RealTrader for giving us an opportunity to learn to trade forex.

RealTrader has been an innovative pioneer in online trading, whether you are an experienced trader or new in trading, REALTRADERS adaptable trading platforms and service provide you with the right balance of simplicity.

Their short, simple courses help a lot. Trading is about decisions, making choices with your easy forex account, you choose to buy or sell with any of the available platform.


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